Term 1 in the Tigger Room

What we have been learning in the Tigger room…

This September has seen a very smooth transition of the children moving from the Piglet room into the Tigger room, all settling into the new environment and routines surprisingly smoothly. 

Children find transition easier if they have familiar experiences.  For that reason we have started the new academic year in the Tigger room with the topic of Nursery Rhymes.   We have tried hard to include sensory, messy experiments and hands on activities in our planning, helping children to develop and practice different skills in a fun way.  Below are snippets we would like to share with you.

The rhyme Insey Wincey Spider was a winner.  A highlight being the chocolate spiders the children made.  Amazingly when it came to counting out the legs the spiders always had eight or more legs, never less.  I can’t imagine why! 



Acting out the rhyme required children to wash spiders down guttering.  Not only did this activity require pouring, but critical thinking skills too.  How fast to pour, how long to pour, and when to stop pouring all helped with the children’s mathematical and scientific thinking too.  But most importantly the activity supported children becoming aware that they can make decisions, such as stop pouring or continue, and that decisions have natural consequences – on this occasion often getting wet.

Many children undertook the Humpty Dumpty challenge – building a wall for Humpty Dumpty to sit on.  Using Duplo children brought their ideas to life by creating, transforming, demolishing and recreating something unique.  Using finger puppets they had made, children used Humpty Dumpty to practice and strengthen important concepts such as in-front, behind, under and beside.

Harvest Festival

Once again the children enjoyed a visitor - Bella from St Michaels Church, to talk about Harvest Festival.  Bella had a fresh approach on teaching the children where our food comes from, and I must admit more effective than mine.  Bella had wrapped the food, making it look like a present for the children to unwrap.  As you can imagine she immediately had the children’s attention and everyone wanting to participate, and what better way to finish than everybody making a jam sandwich.  Hopefully Bella has helped the children to achieve a better understanding of where food comes from, whereas I clearly failed.  Before Bella’s arrival the children had picked apples off the tree in the garden, but when we later discussed where apples grow, I was told “the shops – just pop them in your trolley”.

National Space Week


Our activities the week commencing the 4th October ’18 revolved around National Space week.  Our rhyme for that week was the ever popular ‘Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer’.  Throughout the week we did an assortment of activities, including making a Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star height chart which was an ideal way of reinforcing the concept of height.  Our P.E session that week saw the children testing their fitness levels in training to be astronauts.  I believe each child who took part received a training certificate at the end. 

I hope those who joined us for our Stay and Play session, not only enjoyed themselves, but left with a better understanding of what goes on in pre-school and the curriculum.  It was lovely to see the enjoyment the children got from sharing their learning and experiences with you.  Another session is scheduled for next term, so if any parent/grandparent would like to join us, please book a space with Mrs Hatcher and come and join in the FUN!


Would your child know what to do in an emergency?

Safety is a crucial learning step for every child, and it is essential that everyone needs to know how to get outside quickly and quietly in the event of a fire, and the best way to learn is to practice.  I’m sure some children will have gone home talking about a loud noise and that they had to go outside, but it’s important for children to associate the sound of the smoke detector going off with leaving the building.

We have reinforced Fire Safety through songs, rhymes and a range of activities.  One activity was particularly popular, as it involved the children pretending to be firemen.  With great excitement our budding firemen tackled the fire (red, orange and yellow coloured shaving foam) which engulfed the doll’s house with water squirters.  With quick thinking and great team work the emergency situation was soon under the control.  Well done everyone!


The rhyme ‘Five Little Monkeys swinging in the trees’ led to the children exploring colour mixing - how to make the colour brown.  Starting with a paint palette of colours and brushes there was lots of opportunity for the children to create their own amazing colour creations, and lots of opportunities for all kinds of learning.

What the children learnt:

  • They used scientific thinking to observe, predict and compare, and they experimented with cause and effect.

  • They used problem solving skills and came up with ideas for what to do when the colour they were mixing didn’t turn out quite the way they hoped.

  • They used fine motor skills in mixing

  • And most importantly they had a hands on learning experience


Through nursery rhymes our learning has been extensive, we have explored words that describe size and used math related words to define concepts.  Along with counting sequences, which help develop math skills that children will use later to begin to add and subtract.  Rhymes have also exposed children to story sequence, helping them identify what happened first, next and last.

Sadly this term has come to an end, and next term we will start a new topic.  Have a great half-term.

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