Term 5 in the Tigger Room

Wow!! What a busy term we have had.  This term we have been primarily working within the area Understanding the World: The World and People and Communities.  Mrs Cowley very kindly brought in tadpoles from her pond and the children have been monitoring them closely, as well as planting sunflower seeds.  These activities have supported children in developing an understanding of growth, decay and changes over time.  Additionally, we have had visitors from the local community.  Children have learnt through various activities how to interact and build positive relationships, learning about different occupations and ways of life

The Royal Wedding

In the past weeks the news has been dominated with the marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. The children thought it would be nice to send their good wishes, and set about making a special poster to send to Kensington Palace. Every child in the setting participated in making a personalised hand print, which was later stuck onto a Union Jack Flag that a group of the older children had painted. Children discussed the colours and how it was made up of stripes, and that this flag represents Great Britain. We didn’t finish there; the children packaged the poster, and finally made a trip to the Post Office to post it. I’m sure Harry and Meghan were delighted!!

The preceding week of the wedding saw the children undertaking Royal duties, designing and making beautiful sandcastles fit for a Prince, decorated with shells and of course a flag.  This became quite competitive: whose was the biggest, who had the most shells, to even who had the most flags?  Interestingly as some castles crumbled under the strain, others found alternative ways, a simple method really – keep it in the bucket.  Your children’s achievements can be found on the display board in the Tigger room.

In preparation for our Wedding lunch, children made their own flags and crowns.  So with many Princes and Princesses, the children took great delight in pointing out that we have our very own Prince Harry. 

On the Monday after the wedding the children enjoyed a Wedding lunch and their own special wedding cakes, judging by the speed it was eaten and the amount of lip licking, I’m certain they were delicious.  I’m sure the children would like to say a BIG thank you, to Mrs Elson for her generous contribution. 

The Lollipop Lady

A visit from the Lollypop lady gave the children a very important lesson in crossing the road through play.  Observing the re-enactment it was hard to imagine they had grasped the concept, as children pretending to be vehicles whizzed along, failing to stop in response to the lollypop lady holding out her stick for others to cross.  Amazingly the next day children were recalling what they had learnt, and it was clear the visit had been a success.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Also a visit from a member of the Environmental Enforcement Team came in and talked to the children about reducing waste by recycling.  The children appeared to really enjoy this visit, surprising me with their knowledge.  They showed a good understanding of the concept, and became very animated when engaged in role play.  One child who played the role of the recycling plastic bag shouted and grabbed the bottle, “that’s plastic, give it to me”.  To close the session and reinforce their knowledge, we all learnt a new song ‘Don’t drop your litter, put it in the bin"

Japanese Children's Day

It was a pleasure to welcome back the Japanese ladies, who very kindly came into the setting to help us celebrate Japanese Children’s Day.  This is an important date in our diary, as we like to recognise and value everyone’s culture, and help children to recognise some of the similarities and differences in relation to family and community.  This event is always a big success.

Stay and Play

Once again, Stay and Play was popular, places being snapped up almost instantly.  This term Mrs Eaton planned icing and decorating biscuits, which as you can imagine was a winner as both parents and children had a biscuit to take home. 

A visit from The Bridge veterinary clinic

Finally we ended the term with a bang with a visit from the Bridge Veterinary Clinic, Lechlade.  The children were fascinated by the event, firstly meeting Jax Faith’s dog, and then with the guidance from the vet and veterinary nurse the children had the first-hand experience of listening to Jax’s heart beat using a stethoscope.  The children were shown some of the equipment that a vet and veterinary nurse use like gloves, a mask, a stethoscope and scrubs, before having the opportunity to dress up.  Their medical involvement didn’t finish there; using soft toy dogs the children practiced bandaging and using syringes (minus needles!).  As you can imagine, this sparked off conversations and imaginative play activities throughout most of the day. 

In the afternoon the play developed further with Mrs Horan becoming the patient, we were informed she was extremely poorly.  With the knowledge learnt from the morning’s session, numerous injections and the great care given by the children you will be pleased to know she has made a full recovery.  Looking at the care given, I’m sure we have some promising medical students!

The children would like to say a great big thank you to Faith’s mum Madeline, for organising and making the visit possible. We really appreciate it.

The staff value the contributions that visitors make from our community, sharing knowledge and experiences with the children are a valuable way in helping the children to put learning into context and enhancing the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

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